We accept babies from the age of 12 months onwards. We would like your baby to have a one-week settling in period prior to the starting date. This gives us the opportunity to get to know your baby and gives you, the parent, time to gain confidence in us and for us to answer any queries you may have. We do not charge for this settling-in week.

New arrivals are given extra special care and attention to help them settle in. We encourage parents to telephone during the day to ask how their baby is getting on.

Spoon feeding

When the time comes to start your baby on solid food it is recommended to start with gluten and salt free packet food. Once spoon-feeding has been established we gradually introduce our own liquidised nursery food.


Nappies are supplied by the crèche at no extra cost.


Clothes soiled during the day are laundered in the crèche.

Please supply us with two complete sets of clothes for this purpose, clearly marked with your child’s name.

What will your baby do during the day?

It is important to establish a balance between the emotional, physical and developmental needs of your baby. Each baby in our care is very special — this will be obvious to you when you visit us.

Your baby will enjoy all the love and care needed for emotional development from our experienced babycare team. Lots of time is spent on the floor where most of your child’s physical and mental development takes place.

Babies acquire their language skills during the first year of life, so particular attention is paid to giving them the best possible start. Chatting, singing songs and reciting nursery rhymes help to achieve this.