Extra activities which are currently included in your crèche fee.

Tuesday—Active Kids

Active Kids is a specially designed fitness programme for pre-school children in the form of a forty-five minute class conducted weekly by our fully trained instructor, Lisa Redmond.

The main aim of the programme is to teach young children that exercise and healthy food choices are important and fun. These classes take place on Tuesday morning for the Junior Montessori group and on Friday morning for the Senior Montessori group.


Our ballet teacher, Sinead Dunbar, comes to us on Wednesday mornings to teach ballet to the senior group.

The children learn through songs and nursery rhymes. Ballet gives the children a sense of achievement through the joy of dance while improving posture and co-ordination.

Outings and walks

When children take part in activities outside the crèche premises they wear a Clare Elizabeth Crèche high-visability vest for easy identification.

Group leaders carry a first aid kit and mobile phone on all walks. The children are well supervised and insured at all times.