We accept children from the age of 12 months onwards. We would like your baby to have a one-week settling in period prior to the starting date. This gives us the opportunity to get to know your baby and gives you, the parent, time to gain confidence in us and for us to answer any queries you may have. We do not charge for this settling-in week.

New arrivals are given extra special care and attention to help them settle in. We encourage parents to telephone during the day to ask how their baby is getting on.

Every day your child is with us will be different as we follow a child-led approach. When your child joins us in this room we take time to get to know them, build relationships and over time the child will naturally follow the routine of the room.

The Wobbler Room programme is flexible and responsive to the developmental needs of each individual child. There is a stimulating range of activities available in a secure and comforting environment.

Activities engage your child’s natural curiosity, promote social interactions and provide continuity of care and routines between home and crèche. Age-appropriate activities build physical strength and motor co-ordination with daily experiences that allow the children to practice fine-motor skills, hand-eye co-ordination, hand and full body movement and more. The children enjoy outdoor play in our large garden and regular outings to local areas.

We use different materials for sensory experiences. We sing, read and talk to the children to promote cognitive and social development in a warm and nurturing environment.

Feelings of confidence, pride, trust and friendship are all part of social and emotional development. Our activities promote early social interactions and conversations and help develop facial expressions to communicate and support self-identity.