A word from our parents…

Thank you so much for all the care and kindness you have shown to Sarah and Jim since January 2009. The time has flown, we can’t believe it’s time for ‘big school’!

It’s been a real pleasure to know that Sarah and Jim have been in such capable hands and have been given the opportunity to experience wonderful adventures from the swimming trips, the days out in the secret park, ballet, nativity plays not to mention the artwork, stretch and grow, toy days, playing in the garden from snowy days to sunhat days, visits from Santa Claus and ‘Chinese’ rabbits, but most of all in between all the yoga, Irish dancing and trips to the library both Sarah and Jim have had hugs, chats and lots of TIME given to them by all of you, your patience and encouragement are truly appreciated and we consider ourselves lucky to have had our turn in Clare Elizabeth Crèche.
Collette, Brian, Sarah & Jim.