Now that your child has moved on to the toddler room, new stimulating experiences await them. When your child joins the toddler room they have the opportunity to master the skills they have been developing so far.

In the toddler room we build self esteem through art activities, games and words of affirmation, working on social interactions with their friends, which in turn encourages kindness and respect for others. We do simple crafts with the toddler group where there is no fear of failure in order to increase their creativity and self belief.

We build on their language development which encourages the children to use language as a means of expression. Listen-and-repeat games are a great way to build language skills as the children learn to remember and recount the words. Having clear communication in the room is very important. We keep the language simple so that the children understand and don’t get confused.

We aim to build a safe environment where the children feel loved and appreciated. There are lots of hugs and reassurance available at all times.